Multiple quant strategies built in one Compound

Quantum Heritage as a Data Analysis expert and Marketing Consultant has structured this Compound Strategy by selecting 10 best performing fully automated algorithmic strategies from many trading solutions which programmers and developers created, tested and traded over 5 years of active attempts “to solve the market".

Chosen strategies are all different by their code and principle of trading thus optimizing risk balancing and performance averaging to provide more stability in volatile and turbulent futures trading.


The Compound combines multiple strategies that behave differently in the same market conditions and have different logic, take-profit and stop-loss parameters


A deposit is evenly divided into 10 parts trading a different strategy, each having secured custody, API keys and server connection, making them more protected from market fluctuations and technical failures

Smoothed Performance

Strategies show different results every month and some can be in drawdowns, some in a profit zone, which provides a smoothed balanced profit trend without sharp curves

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Smooth Equity Curve

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